2024 Open Scoring System

With the Open less than 2 days away, here is a brief write-up on how Team Scoring will work. Remember guys, this is about having fun, stoking the community and taking on these tough workouts with friends.

If you complete the Open workout on Friday during a class time, you’ll earn points for your team. In order to score the points for participating , you’ll need to submit the printed workout sheet, these will be handed to you when you arrive, so make sure you fill out a sheet and leave it behind after you finish the workout.

Some weeks we’ll throw out some fun challenges for you to take on and earn extra points, like wearing your team colors, or participating in theme events.

2024 Intramural Open Scoring System

This year we;ve upgraded the scoring system to make matters simpler.  No more wondering how old someone is or if they scaled the workout to get more points etc…  This system rewards great performances AND has an increased point value for the weekly spirit and theme awards.  As always anyone can contribute, but you have to either crush workouts, or bring the spirit of the Open!!

Mens and Womens RX
1st 20 points
2nd 18 points
3rd 16 points
4th 14 points
5th 12 points
6th 10 points
7th 9
8th 8
9th 7
10th 6
Workout Completion RX5 points
Workout Completion Scaled3 points
Spirit Award20 Points
Theme Award20 Points