The first part of class is time to work on your pull ups, muscle ups, rope climbs, etc. A golden standard for new CrossFitters should be a strict, unassisted pull up. If you don’t have one, do strict banded or box pull ups (similar to our progression for box ring dips) Negatives can also be done, but volume (total reps) should be kept low (less than 20 total).
The second part of class consists of 4 stations: bench press, box jumps, sumo deadlifts, and a rest station. The rest station will act as the spotter for whoever is benching. You’ll attempt to get as many reps of each movement in 45 seconds as possible. Ideally, all members of the team are using the same weights, but quick changes may be made if needed. Go in order of the stations written (Bench press goes to box jumps which goes to sumo deadlifts which goes to spotter which goes to bench press) You’ll do a total of 4 rounds (16 minutes)
For those not familiar, the sumo deadlift is preferred amongst many powerlifters as it not does require as much hip flexion (bending over). You’ll take a wide stance with feet almost touching the plates and your hands hanging straight down to the bar. A mixed grip is preferred for this as you engage the glutes to stand the bar up in a deadlift. Powerlifters also prefer this method as you do not need to raise the bar as high as in a conventional deadlift.


10 minutes for 3-5 sets of pull ups, muscle ups, and/or rope climbs. Negatives, weighted pull ups, strict, etc. are all encouraged


In teams of 4 for 4 total rounds (16 minutes) – one person at each station attempting as many reps as possible in 45 seconds of:
Bench press, 135/95#
Box jump, 30/24″
Sumo deadlift, 225/155#
Spotter (rest station)


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