Start out with some solid strength work today. Build up to a heavy single in the front squat, then back it off for some pause sets as 80%. Use a 3 second pause in the bottom today, but make sure to stay active throughout the hold.

Our met-con is an all out sprint, this should be very short – like “Fran”. In order to “get” the stimulus you absolutely must go heavy on the thrusters. Ideally its for unbroken reps, but to the point where in each set you couldn’t do one more rep. Your legs should be screaming before your lungs do. Have fun – I tested this on Saturday with Colin, definitely a good test.


Take 10 Minutes to build to a heavy single front squat for the day

Take 10 minutes to complete 3×3 pause front squats at 80% of today’s single.

Conditioning (For Pain and For Time)

“Hungarter’s Challenge”

Thrusters (135/95)
lateral burpees over bar
Time cap 5 minutes

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