Take a few minutes to hit some heavy work in the dead lift – don’t go for a new record here, just need to feel some heavy weight.

Met-con weight should be lighter than what you hit in the opening portion by quite a bit. Use a moderate weight that you can aim to go unbroken on. It’s more important to go unbroken than it is use (225/155) those are just weights that no one should need to use more than.

Scale HSPU to stink bugs or regular push-ups, no elaborate scales here – need these sprints to be fast.

Strength (pre wod)

Take 10 minutes to build up to a moderate dead lift triple – do not record

Conditioning (record slowest)

5 intervals of
10 Cal Row / 8 cal Bike
10 unbroken dead lifts (225/155)
5 Handstand Push-ups

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