Strength work today is a 10 minute EMOM, set up and warm-up to about 60% of true 1RM for the front squat. On opposite minutes work push-up strength, 10 perfect push-ups per round. Feel free to scale these up or down as needed. i.e weighted push-ups or banded assist.

Today we’re introducing “COMP SCALE” this is a variation offered for athletes who focus on competing. This will be rolled out officially after the Open, but here is a test phase. This is similar to “RX+” that we’ve seen before. The major thing to note here is that the offered COMP SCALE will not be a coached movement for the WOD, athletes choosing this scale will have to be able to set up and go on their own.

Our Met-con is a leg burner! Sprint through the cals on the rower then go for 12 thrusters unbroken, write each time on the board and then total those for your score today!


Alternating EMOM x 10
A. Front Squat 60% x 5
B. 10 Perfect Push-ups
(* comp scale HSPU)


5 Intervals for total time
12/10 Cal Row
12 Thrusters (75/45)
* rest approx 2 minutes between
* for total time

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