Today for strength, you will complete 2 snatches every minute on the minute.  Have additional weight nearby but not in the way, so that you can load additional weight in between rounds.  You should try to increase the weight with each successful set, but make sure you’re hitting the lift safely and efficiently instead of getting too heavy and muscling the weight up.

For conditioning, scale pull-ups to a reasonable number or assist level to keep you moving through the WOD.


 Snatch x 2 EMOM for 9 minutes (increase weight)


AMRAP in 12 minutes:

10 deadlifts (225/155),

20 pull ups

30 double unders

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1 Response
  1. Coach P

    Lisa 25/3+10 sc
    Sara 50/3+7 sc
    Ditty 53/2+39 sc
    Aileen 55/4+6 sc
    Megs 75/3+3 Rx
    Wax 125/2+21 Rx
    KT 115/4+4 Rx