As we learned from the Open, the muscle up is a high level strength and skill exercise. Use the beginning of class to work towards this. For beginners, this might mean banded strict pull ups, box assisted pull ups, or strict pull ups. For intermediates, this might mean working on unassisted ring pull ups, kipping pull ups, and transitions. And for advanced, we can focus on efficiency on the muscle up, usually focusing on not pulling early with the arms and making sure we are in a hollow body position on the way up.
Scale the conditioning barbell weight to a weight that you can do power snatches without having to press out, even if this means your power clean weight is lighter. You may scale the ring dips to box assisted dips or get tall boxes and do dips between those with your feet on the ground and “floating” as much as you can.


 pull up/muscle up


AMRAP in 15 minutes:
7 power cleans, 135/95#
5 ring dips
3 power snatches, 135/95#
1 rope climb

3 Responses
  1. Coach P

    Danielle 7+15 sc
    Nate 5+1 95#
    Gabe 4+11 Rx
    Trish 7+6 sc
    Moog 5+12 sc
    Ryan 4+7 sc
    Jesse 5+6 sc
    Britt 6+5 sc

  2. Aileen

    P 6+11 RX
    PH 8+2 sc 95#
    Nick 8+2 school 105#
    Dawn 7+15 sc 60#
    Brian 5+15 115#

    Joe 8+17 mod
    Juliet 6+12 sc 35#
    Heath 6+7 75#
    Colin 5+3 sc rope pulls
    Ron 7+12 RX
    Alexandra 10+3 sc
    Megs 6+15 65#
    Grant 7+14 RX
    Greg 7+4 sc

    Meg 7+13 sc
    Molly O 9+2 sc
    Max Effort 8+3 sc
    Topher 6+12 sc
    Sam 7+2 105#
    Pavan 6 sc
    Matt C 5+15 sc
    Russ 5+8 sc