Start out with a 10 minute alternating strength EMOM!  On even minutes you’ll work pulling gymnastics strength using your choice movement for 5-10 reps.  If you’ve been hitting lots of ring rows, try some banded pull-ups or negatives today, or go outside the box and go with ring pull-ups or chin-ups!  On odd minutes you’ll hit 3 thrusters from the ground.  Each minute add some weight building to a heavy triple for the day.


Alternating EMOM x 10

A. Pulling Gymnastics Strength (5-10 reps)

B. 3 Thrusters from the Ground – use ascending weight and build to a heavy


AMRAP in 11  Minutes

5 Handstand Push-ups (RX+ 9 HSPU)

7 Front Squats (115/75)

9 Dead lifts (115/75)

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