A good pistol progression is to get a box where you can lower yourself down to it and pop up using one leg. Lower the height of the box as you get more comfortable with this movement.

Our conditioning is a famous benchmark called “Angie.” Each movement must be completed before moving onto the next. Due to the high volume, we do not often do this kind of workout, but it’s a good test every once in awhile. Scale pull ups to ring rows or banded pull ups. Scaled push ups can be done on an elevated surface such as a box or barbell setup in a rack so you have a straight, plank body. We also recommend beginners to scale the total reps to 50’s, intermediates may scale to 75’s. If you have an injury or otherwise need to, you may also scale one or two portions of the workout (e.g. 50 pull ups, 50 push ups, 100 sit ups, 100 air squats) Time domain for most people will be 20-25 minutes. Advanced athletes will do this in 15-20 minutes and firebreathers are capable of doing this in less than 10 minutes!


Take 15 Minutes to work on Rope climbs and pistols

For Time

100 pull ups
100 push ups
100 sit ups
100 air squats

3 Responses
  1. Coach P

    Atiya 19:28 50s sc
    Mike 13:05 50/50/100/100
    Sam 17;34 Rx
    Stacey 19:09 50/50/75/100
    Kel 16:00 50s sc
    Craig 19:12 50s rr
    Frank 22:46 50 pu
    Heath 21:03 Rx
    Court 16:56 50 push ups

  2. Aileen


    Gabe 20:20 RX
    PH 20:59 sc
    Aileen 20:41 sc
    Grant 17:52 RX
    John 20:47 sc 50 reps
    Allie 14:00 sc 50 reps
    Bobby G 21:01 50/75 reps
    WW 23:12 sc
    Megs 18:46 RX
    Matt C 25:01 jpu
    Sizzle 30:45 RX