Take 20-25 minutes to establish a new 1RM front squat. Get aggressive out of the rack and tighten up those bellies! Keep elbows high and drive up out of the bottom fast. For conditioning, you have 10 minutes total to do a 500m row, then in the remaining time, as many rounds of double unders, kettle bell swings, and V-ups. Scale to 50 single unders, lighter KB’s, and/or 10 sit ups, respectively, if needed.


Take 20 Minutes to find a 1RM Front Squat


In 10 minutes:
500m row
then AMRAP in remaining time:
25 double unders
15 KB swings, 55/35#
10 V-ups

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3 Responses
  1. Coach P

    Taylor 85×3/3+10 19# su
    Tanya 115 PR/3+67 rus su
    Ditty 125/2+7 t2b su
    Andrew 150 PR/4 35# su
    Roni 125/4+19 Rx
    Sizzle 195/2+37 Rx
    Carter 265 PR/4 su
    KT 185 PR/6 Rx

  2. Coach P

    Ali 140 PR/2+15 sc du
    Megs 145/4+25 Rx
    Aileen 175
    Topher 205/3+1 sc
    Cramer 225/3+14 Rx
    Marc 255/5+34 Rx
    Ron 330 PR/5 10 pistols subbed for dubs
    Molly 110/3+25 Rx
    Dave 275 PR/2+16 RX
    JOHN 175 PR/3+14 35#
    LAM 275/4+25 RX
    DREW 215 PR/2+13 Rx

    congrats on those PRs folks!

  3. Aileen


    Lyon 290 PR/3+25 RX
    Lisa 105 PR/3 sc
    Christian form/did work
    Amanda 160 PR/3+41 sc
    P 335/5+29 RX

    Shout out to Christian on his very 1st class! Great job!