In honor of Navy Petty Officer 1st Class Jeff Taylor, 30, of Little Creek, VA who was killed in Afghanistan in 2005. “My husband was a warrior and a man who believed his purpose in life was to defend the freedoms that each of us enjoy today.” Erin Taylor

This workout first appeared on mainsite on July 6, 2005 (link: http://www.crossfit.com/mt-archive2/000838.html)
Back then, there was no such thing as kipping handstand push ups or ring dips, therefore we are doing strict HSPU’s and ring dips. Use the beginning of class to work on these skills and find an appropriate scale for you. You’ll notice that your lungs don’t feel this workout as much as local muscular failure aka “why won’t my arms work??” Smart sets are vital to avoid muscle failure as much as possible. Scale HSPU’s to db or barbell shoulder press.
Immediately after you finish JT, establish a 1RM clean and jerk in the remaining time you have. You’ll want bars and bumpers out on the floor when you begin. There is a 30 minute cap on this whole workout.

30 minutes to do:
Strict handstand push ups
Ring dips
Push ups

then in remaining time, find a 1RM clean and jerk

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5 Responses
  1. Coach P

    Sizzle 26:41 Rx
    Taylor 20:06 55# su 17″
    Ficke 21:27 125#
    Nate 19:54 Rx
    Tanya 22:38 65# 30 du
    Carter 24:10 Rx

  2. Aileen

    Joe 18:22 sc/145 jerk
    Juliet 14:31 sc/85
    Lloyd 18:24 sc/210
    Sam 10:17 RX /195
    Ali R 10:20 sc /75 PR
    Roni 14:31 sc/110

  3. Aileen

    Megs 11:52 sc /120
    Meg N 14:12 sc /95
    Molly O 9:21 sc /100 PR
    Kate 16:12 sc /155
    Grant 14:21 RX /225
    Matt C 15:00 sc /165
    Deeks 11:01 sc/225
    P 11:59 RX/235
    Ali E 10:06 sc /110
    Ron 13:53 RX /245
    Gabe 14:34 sc/205
    Marc 16:39 RX/225 PR
    Courtney 12:30 sc/105 PR
    Amanda 11:55 sc/125 PR