…the power tried to come back on but then it said it will stay off for 2 more days. ┬áBlack Out week continues.

What’s up KT and Wax?

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1 Response
  1. Sarah

    12 min emom
    1 burpee over bar
    2 power snatches
    3 power cleans
    Followed by 5 minute Cindy

    Nick 105/5+24
    Carter 95/3+15
    Megs rx/5+10
    Roni rx/3+21
    Allie 35/4 sc
    John 75/6
    Amanda rx/3+1
    Pinkman 95/3+5
    Moog:(/2+16 ace
    Ryan mod/3+5 sc
    Sam mod/7+1
    Nate rx/3+1
    Gabe rx/4+8
    Ph rx/4+5 sc
    Sizzle 115/2+16
    Taylor 55/3+13 sc
    Wood 115/3 sc
    Smurf rx/4+13 sc
    Sarah 65/4 sc
    Christian 105/3+7 sc
    Aileen rx/5+2 sc
    Grant rx/6+2
    Kate rx+/6+13
    Deeks rx/4+20
    Juliet 45/4+5 sc
    Joe rx/5
    Frank rx/3+13
    Matt C. Rx/4+25
    Stacey 55/3+5 sc
    Mike S. 75/4 rr
    Dustin rx/5+5
    Deery did work
    Russ 95/3+5 rr
    Lloyd rx/4+16 rx
    Matt S. 85/2+24
    Dinger 95/2+18 sc
    Lam rx/7 rx
    Kel 55/3+5 sc
    Molly 55/6+20 sc
    Craig 85/2+22 sc
    Drew rx/4+8