With Black Out week behind us, we hope that you all had fun tackling some benchmark WODs and some other exciting, outside the box type workouts.  Moving forward its time get focused on a new 6 week cycle.  CrossFit Thermal will be dedicating the following training phase to gymnastics.  For CrossFitters, gymnastics can really mean anything that is a body-weight only movement.  This includes everything from push-ups and pull-ups to muscle-ups and ring dips.  This will be a good opportunity for us to progress across the spectrum of gymnastics, and for a lot of us, to acquire some new skills!  It helps to get good at gymnastics to become a better CrossFitter overall. The more skills we possess and the more proficient we become at those skills the better we can be in our daily WODs.  Having good gymnastic skills will allow us all to perform with greater intensity on a day to day basis, this will translate to less scaling and better results.

How are we going to do it?  You can expect the gymnastic portions of workouts to be much more structured than in the past.  On certain days you will see 3 options for gymnastics; A, B and C.  These letters will have corresponding progressions and workloads to be performed in an untimed environment.  Don’t worry we won’t skipping our strength components, strength will be embedded into WODs either during our Metcon or in place of gymnastics work.

Today’s workout will start with pull-up work, use the time in the beginning of class to work through your pull-up progressions.

Gymnastic Skill

A. 10×5 Ring Rows / hollow arch progression

B. 10×5 Strict or Kipping Pull-ups

C. 10×5 Chest to Bar or Butterfly chest to bar pull-ups


3 Rounds for time

50 Double Unders

30 KB swings (53/35)

20 Push-ups



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