Take 15-20 minutes to find a 5 rep overhead squat out of the racks. If you find mobility lacking, work on it in between sets.
For the metcon, strict sit-ups should be done with arms folded across the chest and knees bent with feet flat on the ground. For a rep to count, you cannot move your hands off your chest, nor lift the feet. In other words, any “help” from the arms or legs is a no rep. Scale 1 rope climb to 3 rope pulls. There will be a 15 minute time cap (incomplete reps will be added to your time e.g. 15:10 for if you had 9 burpees and 1 rope climb left)




4 rounds for time:
20 strict sit-ups
15 KB swings, 53/35#
10 burpees
1 rope climb

15 minute time cap

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