We’ve done a lot of “legs” this past week, so while we want to keep getting stronger, stay sub maximal today and put in some work. The front squats should be heavy, but fast.

Tabata is 20 seconds of work followed by 10 seconds of rest for 8 total rounds. You will do 32 total rounds (8 for each movement) with no rest between. While traditional Tabata is scored as the lowest number for each movement, we will count the total amount of reps, so you have one big number as your score. Scale pull-ups to banded or ring rows and scale push-ups to elevated push-ups either on a box or barbell resting on a squat rack. No knee push-ups.


12 minutes to work up to a heavy, but moderate (i.e. sub max) 5 rep front squat


Tabata (for total reps)
Air Squats

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  1. Aileen

    KT 283 rx
    Wax 311 rx
    Lam 362 rx
    Gina 242 sc
    Lisa 230 sc
    Nick 335 rx
    K 292 rx
    Roni 300 rx
    Tanya 302 sc

    Molly 325 sc
    Moog 195 rx
    Jesse 276 rx
    Ryan 222 sc

    Sizzle 251 rx
    PH 298 sc
    Aileen 329 sc
    Mike 287 sc
    Doug 256 sc

    Grant 365 rx
    Ali E 280 sc
    Christian 266 sc
    Matt C 275 rx
    Will 243 sc
    Plentus 462 rx
    Kate 365 rx
    Colin 274 rx
    Ron 402 rx
    Sam 384 rx

    Dinger 286 rx
    Craig 278 rx
    Danielle 302 sc
    Matt S 229 rx
    Kim 326 sc
    Pavan 258 rx
    John 308 rx
    Molly O 328 sc
    Dave 231 rx
    Courtney 296 sc
    Nolan 309 sc
    Brian D 141 sc
    Frank work rx
    Josh 294 rx
    Deery 215 mod