Continue to work on your pull ups, but make them more challenging than last time. For the average person walking in the gym, it should be your goal to do a strict unassisted pull up. If you have an unassisted pull up, your goal is to do 10 or even 20 in a row.
To scale the rope climbs, do 3x rope pulls from the ground. Try to keep a rigid, plank body while doing these, but if you cannot, another progression is to bend at the knees and hips to shorter that lever. You may also want to try half rope climbs if you can do the J-hook, but lack the strength and/or technique to get all the way up the rope.


A.  10×5 Ring Rows / hollow arch progression
B. 10×5 Strict or Kipping Pull-ups
C 10×5 Chest to Bar or Butterfly chest to bar pull-ups



3 rounds

15 thrusters 95/65

4 rope climbs

1 Response

  1. Sarah

    G 9:46 Rx
    Molly 10:08 55/pulls
    Lisa 11:00 35/pulls
    Wax 11:34 pull-ups
    Cindy 9:05 35/pulls
    Jeff 6:44 75/pulls
    Molly O. 10:29 45/climbs and pulls
    Alex 12:25 Rx
    Brian 9:05 2 climbs
    Sizzle 11:16 65/2 climbs
    Sara 9:10 pulls
    Joe 11:58 2 climbs

    Great job today! We also did a cash out – tabata sit-ups or tabata planks! Happy Father’s Day!!