For strength, follow the rep scheme carefully. Warm up sets do not count in these reps. Once you find a heavy 5, count that as your first set and continue adding weight for each set and reps as written. You should end up at a heavy single, but NOT max back squat. You should feel like you have another 10-20# and leave it like that.
Metcon is a sprint: 1k row and 30 toes to bar. If you cannot keep active shoulders in the toes to bar, substitute 30 V-ups.


Back Squat
5, 5, 3, 2, 2, 1


For time:
Row 1k
30 Toes to bar

2 Responses
  1. Coach P

    T-rish 95/6:47 Rx
    Panos 255 FS PR/6:23 Rx
    Dustin 260/5:59 Rx
    O 225/5:53 Rx
    Britt 175/6:10 sc
    Ron 165 pc/6:11 V-up

  2. Coach P

    Doug 175/5:55 half t2b
    Lisa 105/6:15 V-ups
    Shabazz 115/6:40 sc
    Dawn 135/6:23 sc
    Vin 4:59 Rx
    John 215/6:04 Rx
    Mike S 145/6:46 V-ups
    Colin 335/6:06 Rx
    Ron 355/7:57 rom
    Sarah B 85/6:08 V-ups