This a team workout where one partner works at a time. You may start at any station, but then you should rotate in the order as written. Spend three minutes accumulating as many reps as possible at that movement, then switch to the next movement for 4 minutes, etc. Your score is the total amount of reps completed in 16 minutes.
Scales may be normal progressions and scales we typically do in workouts. (stink bugs, box HSPU’s, rope pulls (3:1), etc)

In teams of two:
AMRAP in 4 minutes at each station (no rest between stations)
Ground to Overhead, 155/105#
Rope climbs
Row (Calories)

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1 Response
  1. Vin

    Ficke / Wax 195 Rx
    Megs / Roni 163 Rx
    KT / Sam 235 Rx
    Lisa / Becca 118 scale
    Jesse / Will 244 105# scale
    Matt S / Nate 210 – SB/105
    Rach / Danielle 166 85#/2mat
    Topher / Cramer / Molly O 279 scale