Strength today has 2 components and you’ll alternate between the two, most likely working with a partner. Make sure to use spotters for the bench and then move together to the one arm rows using the bench to stabilize if preferred. Keep in mind this is NOT an alternating EMOM, you can rest between movements as needed, don’t treat this as a Metcon or “superset”.

200M runs and wall balls…doesn’t look hard on paper right? We’ll consider these words, which you can apply to almost any of our daily WODs. “you don’t need a harder workout, you need to go harder in your workout.” 200M sprints and unbroken sets of wall balls will definitely get you the stimulus we’re looking for today. Some CF athletes should do this sub 10 minutes, but feel free to scale to 100M runs if needed. We want to keep the intensity high on this so scale appropriately, even to 4 rounds if needed. For the “my knee hurts” or “I can’t run crowd”, show up anyway, and modify to rowing!

20 minutes
Alternating Strength
Bench Press 8,8,8
1 Arm KB Row 10,10,10


5 Rounds for Time
200 m Run
20 Wall Balls

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