With the Olympics going on, we will be doing our own version of Olympic events. Today, we’re having our own custom CF Thermal Pentathlon. You will do these tests in the order written and will have some rest between events. You’ll start with doing as many double unders as possible in 2 minutes. Everyone will attempt double unders, even if your score is 1 or even 0. (motivation to get your first!) Then you’ll rest a bit and row 250m as fast as you can. Set the computers to 250m so you have an exact time. After that it’s max effort broad jump. Using a tape measure, start with your toes on a line and jump as far forward as possible. Your distance is wherever your back heel lands (NFL Combine rules) You have 3 attempts at a broad jump. After that you will run 800m for time (coaches will have a stop watch) and finally max burpees in 5 minutes. 

“CrossFit Thermal Pentathlon”
ME 2:00 double unders
row 250m
broad jump, 3 attempts

run 800m

ME 5:00 burpees

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