For the alternating EMOM, let’s work on our strict pull-ups and also our kipping or butterfly. If you use a band, it’s fine to do strict and kipping, but if you would rather do 7-8 strict, that’s also fine. The sumo deadlift high pull is usually only seen in Fight Gone Bad for us, but the mechanics of the movement apply to a lot that we do: cleans, snatches, rowing, etc. Coaches know this as “core to extremity” but it’s basically “big muscles first, then medium, then smaller muscles.”
For the metcon, this is an ascending ladder of deadlifts and toes-to-bar. Your score in WODIFY will be the round you completed plus extra reps. (e.g. if you finish the round of 12 and get 7 reps into the 14’s, your score is 12+7.)

Alternating EMOM for 10 minutes:
A) 5 strict pull-ups + 5 kipping/butterfly pull-ups
B) 5-10 sumo deadlift high pulls, 95/65#

AMRAP in 10 minutes:
2 deadlifts, 185/125#
2 toes-to-bar
4 deadlifts
4 toes-to-bar

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