Arriving Late to Class

We know that people have busy lives, and coming to CrossFit is just one part of the day.  With family obligations, work, traffic and everything else, showing up on time can sometimes be difficult.  Here at CrossFit Thermal, we understand that.  You all pay to be part of this community, and we never want to turn someone away, but when late arrival starts to effect the way we run classes, and the quality of the product that we offer, it’s our responsibility to pay attention.

On a daily basis, our coaches are looking ahead at sign-ups to see who is in class and how many people they will have.  This allows us to plan warm-ups, consider equipment and other logistics, and ask for coaching assistance if needed.  Knowing who will be in class and having them all arrive for the start of class is a key component to being a successful program.

When someone arrives late or shows up unannounced it throws off the dynamics of the class structure and coaches have to make adjustments on the fly.  In addition to that, its rude.  “What are we doing?” is a common question we get from late arrivals – the fact is, you missed what we are doing.  As a coach I can waste time re-explaining it to you, or I can continue coaching those who arrived on time.  That’s not all, we often have to adjust equipment layout, partnering, and time elements to accommodate late arrivals and those who don’t sign up.

Please do your best to be on time, we know that “stuff happens” and we always want you to come to the gym, but if you are late, please keep these guidelines in mind.

  1.  If you’re 5 minutes late, no big deal, ask the coach if you can jump in.
  2. If you’re 10 or 15 minutes late you may have the opportunity to jump in if there are two segments to the class – ask.  You might not be able to jump in.
  3. Wait for the right opportunity to walk onto the floor, don’t walk in while coaches are instructing.
  4. We have lots of classes, if you missed the one you wanted, hang out in the lounge and sign up for the next class.

Thank you

CrossFit Thermal Staff

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