Congratulations Rannveig

We’d like to recognize , Rannveig as the January 2023 Member of the Month!

Rannveig grew up in a small town in Norway, as a chubby kid who disliked sports and physical activity in general, thus avoiding it. But when she was closing in on 20, she wanted to get into the Police Academy, and got an incentive to get in shape. After that, physical activity played an important part in life, and she did a variety of sports like floor hockey, running, biking and strength training. When she moved to the US two years ago she started doing CrossFit, and has fallen in love with it. Where she used to love the feeling of “having worked out”, she now also loves the workout itself. That mostly because of the kind, fun and welcoming group of members and coaches at the gym, who make sure you get so much more than “just a workout”.