Congratulations Sara!

Growing up in the Lehigh Valley, playing team sports -especially soccer and volleyball, and being outside were always important to Sara. Once high school ended, so did classic team sports, besides joining intramural leagues through college, and continuing through adult leagues. Without a structured sport schedule, Sara felt a little lost when it came to working out, but found group exercise in college, in the form of “boot camps”, step aerobics, or kickboxing.

Though the classes were enjoyable, none involved heavy weights, teaching you about food, and she saw no results. About 6 years ago to try something out of the norm, she signed up for her fist 5k, and never dreamed that running a marathon would be possible with having to walk multiple times during a 3 mile run. Fast forward a bit, and she finished the NYC Marathon in November of 2017. Though running has been enjoyable, it can lack the team atmosphere during training, so incorporating Crossfit was a huge help, both mentally and physically.

CF Thermal is her first Crossfit affiliate gym, and has learned so much here (including how to snatch, Thanks Megs!). She recently got her first rx handstand push-up, strict pull up, and has increased weight on just about every lift. The crew at Thermal, especially 6amers, have made working out, eating well, and moving to Conshohocken way better than anticipated. Thanks to the entire coaching team, and community for being so welcoming and pushing me past my mental barriers!

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