Good Luck Coach Brian

You may have noticed that we’ve seen a lot less of Coach Brian around the gym.  He’s been going through a transition in his career and while we wish his next move would have kept him closer to Conshohocken, we’re beyond excited for this guy!  From the time he (and Kelly) came to us, he’s been pushing the limits of our members and bringing a lot of new ideas to Thermal.   As a coach, Brian brought 100% to each class and taught us the importance movement quality over intensity.  If members had a technical question they usually went to Brian and they always came back with an improved understanding of what they were seeking.  We’ll miss his intensity, his knowledge of sports and the words “hollow body position” will certainly echo a little less frequently within the walls of Thermal.  If you see Brian over the next week or so, please thank him and give him a high five, our gym is a better place because he was around.

Good luck on your new adventure, Brian.  You’ll bring great things, both personally, and professionally wherever you land.

Thank you