Individual Services


Individual Services

Got Goals? Let Coach Travis get you to the next level….!

More than ever we have been getting requests for services beyond the group class. While I’ll probably always believe that the best hour of your day is spent in a group setting, having fun being social etc…Sometimes you you may find yourself with more than an hour to spare. Or when patience is hard to find and you want to reach your goals yesterday…you may need more.

When Travis and Nick came onto the staff full time this Summer, it seemed like our individual service offerings were just a thing of conversation. We wanted to take a step back and move our individual training options to the forefront of our services menu. On the back end we set up WODIFY, updated our website and sales manuals. Now for the front end; letting you, the member know what we’ve got going on. Here are a few words from Coach Travis on his one on one approach to training.

CrossFit classes are an absolutely awesome place to get great workouts in daily.  My specialty within the methodology is building upon the fundamentals to make sure you get the biggest bang for your buck with classes.  There are also goals that we have for our bodies that need specific training that may require an extra hour outside of class time. That’s where personal training and nutrition come into play.  I invite you to schedule with me to break through your plateaus and grow skills and strength both in and out of class.

Coach Travis holds a CrossFit Level 2 Certification as well as a USAW Level One and is a Certified ISSA Nutrition Coach. Travis is currently taking personal training and nutrition coaching clients.

Coach Nick holds a CrossFit Level 2 Certificate and is completing his degree in kinesiology from Temple University. He is on the forefront of the CrossFit Competition Scene and is currently taking personal training clients.

Click Here For a full listing of individual services available at CrossFit Conshohocken

The best analogy I’ve heard about pairing group fitness with personal training or one on one coaching is this:

When you’re in class, the coach is spraying a hose and misting over the entire group like a patch of grass. This awesome, some of that spray lands on you, and you grow. When you work one on one, that hose gets set to “Jet Mode” and you get soaked for the entire session…You want me to end this blog post with something like…”now go get wet” ? Right….? I’m not doing it, hahaha! You get it though, individual services are NOW LIVE, get in touch if you’re interested.

Thank you