We’re Looking For Fitness Leaders


We’re Looking For Fitness Leaders

I’ve had a few mentors throughout this seven year journey and the one thing that they all agreed on, was to get help before you need it. Sometimes they’d use words like “A-Player”, or “All Star Team Members” which I chuckled at. I usually brushed that stuff off and figured we’d make adjustments on the fly. Now that I’m all grown up and have as much grey on top of my head as I do brown, I thought I’d try taking the advice of people that know more than me. As such, we’re looking to add to our staff.

Right now we’re solid, and probably better than ever, but things will change. First, I have big plans for this place! Buy us a beer, or a couple of old fashioneds and I’d love to chat with you about where we’re going. Additionally, I know we’re losing Coach Dan in a few months, at least temporarily. This is for good reasons only, and I’ll defer to Dan on filling in more details. But he will always have a place on the crew. That being said, I’m trying to get ahead of what I see coming down the pike.

So why am I writing a blog post about it? Because hiring from within, is great! I don’t just mean from within the gym, I mean from within my personal circles too! I wanted to get this out to folks we all know and see who would be an awesome addition to this crew!

Let me shoot you straight, there are two types of people we’re looking for. One is a talented coach, someone who can plug in and add to a professional and fun environment. This person is definitely experienced but not on the Travis level. Someone that only does this part time, but does it well. The second type of candidate is the Nick D type. Someone who doesn’t get tired, someone that thinks learning to drive the bulldog sounds AWESOME and (maybe) someone who wants to learn to be an entrepreneur / intrapreneur. Either way, the candidate must love helping people, and bleed CrossFit.

If you know who I’m talking about, or its you….please hit me up. Added bonus if you’d like to hang out with me all day and listen to OAR..

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