My Level 1 Experience

I am so excited to write to our community about my experience at the CrossFit Level 1 Certificate Course. For anyone wondering what that is, it’s a weekend long course that delves into anything and everything you want to know about being a CrossFit coach, owning your own affiliate, and how to become a better athlete yourself. You can also read about the course here. Unfortunately, a weekend isn’t long enough to cover everything you need to learn about CrossFit, but it’s a great start.

I was hesitant about taking this course, mostly because I am not a great athlete, and I was worried I wouldn’t belong. I thought, “Will they laugh at me because I still scale most workouts?” One minute into the certification, I knew just how wrong those thoughts were.

The seminar staff was a group of warm, friendly, knowledgeable CrossFitters who love CrossFit, and love sharing their passion of CrossFit. The weekend was full of lectures, including “What is CrossFit?” “What is Fitness?” and “Nutrition”, but more than that, the weekend was full of hands-on movement. We spent hours doing the movements, not just learning how to do them ourselves, but also how to coach the movements to others. We learned how to keep athletes safe, but at the same time ensure that they are getting a good workout. All of the movements we did were with a PVC pipe, weighing 6 ounces, but I can promise you, we were all sweating like we were lifting heavy weights.

Not only did I learn a ton about CrossFit, and about what will make me a great coach at Thermal, I also made new friends. And that’s what CrossFit is about…the community. We pushed each other during workouts and hugged each other when the workouts were over. I’m looking forward to visiting my new friends at their boxes, and look forward to having them drop in at Thermal.

It was such an incredible experience, one that I’ll never forget. I was fortunate enough to learn from amazing coaches (including 5th Place Games Finisher Garret Fisher).

I am looking forward to furthering my CrossFit education, but in the meantime, I’m excited to start my journey as a Coach in Training here at Thermal. I will be writing more bog posts about my experience at the Level 1 Cert over the next few weeks as well!


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