“Nate L”

Its member of the month time!!!!!!  Congrats to Nate

Nate was an athletic kid growing up. He played soccer, hockey, basketball, and baseball. Then high school hit, the sports stopped and the weight settled in. Senior year of high school, Nate couldn’t hit 1 pull up nor could he stand to look at the scale. He forced himself to go to the gym, but after 5 years of a globo gym he needed something more. After an intro session with Coach Vinny of tire flips, push-ups, and a row Nate was hooked to Crossfit Thermal.

Being a part of such a great community has helped Nate in and out of the gym. From completing Murph as prescribed, the hardest task Nate says he has ever faced, and coming back from Lyme Disease, which sent Nate to the hospital, the cheering, the friends, and the genuine feeling of everyone wanting to see not only him, but EVERYONE succeed keeps me pushing harder. Having seen the changes in his physique, mental fortitude, and overall wellbeing Nate can’t envision a life without his Thermal family.

Two of Nate’s fondest memories at Thermal so far are during the 2015 Crossfit Open when he hit 3 Muscle-Ups to tie Sizzle, and Coach P’s face during the last stretch of Murph when he was yelling “Catch me Nate! Catch me!” and Nate found more energy to chase him down. Coach P’s face will forever be instilled in his mind.

Thank you Vinny, Sarah, Sam, P, Molly, Aileen, and everyone for pushing me to where I am now when just over a month ago I feared I would never be able to do all of this again!


Show up and go for it….


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