Next Monday Night

Hey guys, with the Nutrition Challenge in full swing, we were trying to think of ways to help you sustain healthy eating habits even when the challenge ends.  When food is readily available and convenient, we tend to be much more likely to eat it and not make bad decisions.  In order to help promote this, CrossFit Thermal is seeking to bring in an onsite meal delivery service for our members!

We are looking into partnering with “Kettlebell Kitchen” to bring us high quality, performance based meals that are also Paleo friendly!  Before we go ahead and close the deal, we’d love for our members to have an opportunity to sample the food and give us feedback.  “Kettlebell Kitchen” will be coming out to meet our community and allow us to sample the food next Monday 10/12 during the afternoon classes.  Please come by and let us know what you think of the food and if a meal delivery service at CFT would improve your overall experience!


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