The Open is Upon Us….

It’s that time of year; time to put all your hard work and dedication to the ultimate test of fitness.  Welcome to the start of the 2015 Reebok CrossFit Games Open.  For all of us at Thermal, CrossFit is a fitness program, it’s a community, it’s a place to see our friends.  But beyond that CrossFit is also sport.  Each year CrossFit holds a competition to crown the fittest man and woman on earth.  There are 3 levels of the competition, The Open, Regionals, and The CrossFit Games.   While winning this competition is just a dream for many CrossFit athletes, competing in the Open is very much a reality.   The Open isn’t restricted to only the elite, its and opportunity for everyone to see what pushing themselves to a new level feels like.   It’s a chance for you to “prove to yourself, that you have improved yourself.”

Each week CrossFit will announce a workout to be performed by all participants worldwide.  You’ll be given 4 days to complete the workout and submit your result.  Once completed you will be able to see where you stand against hundreds of thousands of fellow CrossFitters from around the world.  Maybe you don’t care where you stand, maybe you just want to be healthier and have some fun.    There is no better way to achieve this than throwing your hat in and participating in the Open.   PRs, milestones and breakthroughs are never more common than during the Open.  The environment in a CrossFit box during an Open WOD is like nothing you would believe unless you’ve experienced it.  Camaraderie, energy, encouragement and fun are at all-time highs.  You will make new friends, and help good friends achieve things that they never thought possible.  Sounds silly right?  Because it’s just a workout?  Sign up, and see what it’s all about…

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Each Thursday during the Open, CrossFit will announce the workout.  CrossFit Thermal will host the WOD every Saturday.  This means that during the Open each Saturday’s workout will be that which was announced by CrossFit.   Now, if you are worried about competing in front of others, don’t even think about it, we’ll be hosting the workout privately just for our box.  The only faces you’ll see will be those of your friends, family and other Thermal athletes.  Starting at 9am will we run heats of the workout until everyone has had a chance to complete it.  Even if you’re not competing officially, you can still come in and workout with us!  We’ll keep the gym open afterwards for a social and we encourage everyone to hangout.

This time of year is really important to me, yes, of course, because Sarah and I will be meeting our daughter just in time for the Open.  But also because this is the time, that back in 2011 my relationship with CrossFit changed.  It went from a lukewarm fuzzy feeling, to a steaming hot, never quit, nothing else matters endeavor from which I have gained some of the most amazing friends and moments in my life.  Sounds silly right?  Because it’s just a workout?  Sign up and see what it’s all about…

Need more convincing that this is for EVERYONE?  – here is a quick promo from the 2013 Reebok CrossFit Games Open.  Short, sweet and to the point.

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