Power Hour Wods (Events 1-7)

Main Event 1 “Denali”

10 athletes per team – any gender combination, both teams competing head to head for time.

At the call of 3,2,1 GO. Athlete # 1 (for both teams) will begin their double unders. Once 100 are completed Athlete 2 can begin wall balls, when they finish athlete 3 will begin their row. This workout will continue in this fashion until athlete 10 has completed 100 double unders. Athletes 5 and 6 will complete back to back sets of 10 bar muscle ups.

Shooter 1

“Speed Ladder”

Each team will send 1 male athlete and 1 female athlete to the ladder as dead lifters. Each team will also send 1 male and 1 female as clean(ers)? Well, people to do the cleans. At the call of 3,2,1 GO, the 1st dead lifter will have :90 to get as far into the ladder as possible. Dead-lifters complete 3 bar facing burpees AND 3 Deadlifts up the ladder. When the :90 seconds are up the total tonnage for that athlete will be recorded. Unless all 3 lifts are done for a specific load, the weight does not count. Repeat for the remaining dead-lifters. Then the “cleaning people” go! Same exact process for the folks doing the cleans, except no burpees are required and only 1 repetition is required. Any form of clean is acceptable so long as it goes from ground to shoulder in one motion. (read: no hang cleans)

Shooter 2

“Last Man Standing

Each team may send any two athletes for this event. Each of the four athletes will perform a free standing handstand (not against a wall) one person at a time. The higher of the total times (athlete 1 + 2) for the team will be declared the winner.

Main Event 2 “Push It”

Notes: All bench press reps must be done before push-ups / HSPU are started. The first crew may do assisted or modified push-ups as needed. This event will yield a winning male team, and a winning female team.

Shooter 3

“The Three Horsemen”

Echo Bike Sprints– 6 Bikes (3 each team) each team must have at least 1 woman in the race. At the call of 3,2,1 GO, the athlete on the 30 cal bike will begin, once finished the 40 will start and once finished the 50 will start. Once all 3 “Horsemen”, are done, they run to the finished circle to be declared the winners.

  • 30 Cals 
  • 40 Cals 
  • 50 Cals 

Shooter 4

Team 1K Row – 2 Male and 2 female

We will be set up with a 2 males and a 2 females from each team.

All 8 athletes will row at the same time, whichever team finishes all (4) 1K rows and crosses the finish line first wins.

Main Event 3 “Tag Team”

Notes: 12 athletes per team for this event, 6 pairings from each team. Can be mixed or same gender pairs. Each pairing will have a “winner” declared. So one team may win 8 of the 12 pairings and the other team could win 4 – for example.