The Return of Titan

Titan Phase III Begins October 16th

Over the past 3 months we’ve gotten away from our Strength cycle programming, this was intentional.   We took most of the summer and focused on improving gymnastics skills as well as overall conditioning and biased away from strength based workouts.  The basis behind this is simple – you CAN NOT get good at everything all at once.  You may have noticed that some workouts had only a met-con, or only one element, again this was intentional.  We focused on coaching movement and improving the skill level of our athletes.  Over programming is something that you’ll never see at Thermal. Some programs may call for a strength segment, a met-con (or 2) then something called an “after party” ??  Here we’ll always hit you with a decisive intense session that is goal oriented and based on movement – not volume.  Putting together multiple segments of workouts day after day not only leads to injury, but it doesn’t allow for something we take very seriously – COACHING MOVEMENT.  We have an hour a day to work with you guys, and we want to make the most of it!  Do one thing right, not 4 things halfway.  Be impressed by intensity not volume.

CrossFit Thermal is excited to announce the return of Titan Strength.  This time we’ll be hitting Phase 3, an Olympic based strength cycle focused on the Snatch and Clean.  CrossFit Thermal coaches got together with International Weightlifting Competitor (and Thermal member) Jillian Seamon to construct a powerful and effective Olympic based CrossFit program for use exclusively at Thermal.

Beginning Monday, October 16 we’ll be following Titan III twice per week, here is what you can expect for the next 8 weeks.

Monday – Clean Strength and Positional work + Met-con

Tuesday – Long engine work

Wednesday – Snatch Strength and Positional work + Met-con

Thursday – Skills + Met-con

Friday – Classic CrossFit

Saturday – Classics CrossFit, Partner WODs, HEROs, and Strength and Conditioning

Sunday – Active Recovery or Classic CrossFit

This is still all CrossFit guys, everything will still be constantly varied functional movements performed at high intensity.  I’m giving you a loose outline so that those who want to learn how to snatch and clean well, can clear their calendars and free themselves up for certain days of the week.

The entire coaching staff is looking forward to watching all of you improve over the next 8 weeks, lets come in ready to learn and focus on movement.


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