Titan Phase 3 – Day 1


Titan is back and today is test day. Lets start the day with a practice complex designed to get you ready to test your 1RM. After warm-up, dive into a complex of 1 power clean and + one front squat. The idea here is to dial in your pulling mechanics and accelerate the bar nice and high as well as to prepare your for pulling under the bar by loosening up your bottom position.

record your heaviest lift that you receive below parallel.

Titan 3 Day 1

Titan Clean Complex 1 x 5
(start at 50% est. 1RM)
Power Clean + Front Squat


1 RM Squat Clean

For Time

Run 400M
80 Wall Ball Shots (20/14)
Run 400M

hard time cap 12 minutes

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