WOD 11/25/2014

Today is part 2 of our testing – shoulder press! Since the shoulder press can dramatically fatigue, keep the total amount of repetitions low. No more than sets of 3, even in warm up. Focus on exploding from the front rack position, but of course keep those knees locked! Don’t be a wet noodle when you are pressing. It helps to be aggressive out of the rack – grab the bar, take minimal steps back, and GO!


Take 15-20 minutes to find a 1RM shoulder press


For time:
30 KB swings, 55/35#
30 ring dips
20 KB swings
20 ring dips
10 KB swings
10 ring dips

1 Response
  1. Coach P

    Aoife 55 PR/7:05 sc
    Orlaith 50 PR/8:36 sc
    Molly 90 PR/7:50 sc
    Megs 80/8:33 1/2 Rx
    Danielle 70 PR/8:15 sc
    Grant 160 PR/7:26 Rx (mu)
    K 105/8:32 sc
    Nate 135 PR/8;33 sc
    Helen 50/5:59 26/pdips
    Cesar 110 PR/8:00 35/pdips
    Jesse 110 PR/6:35 35/sc
    O 150 PR/3:43 rom
    Robin 75/6:56 pdips
    Moog 105 PR/7:49 35#
    Gerry 115 PR/8:06 35#
    Plentus 175 PR/4:11 Rx
    Sizzle 125 PR/8:30 sc reps/35#
    Mike 135 PR/7:15 box
    Ph 175 PR/6:10 box
    Brian 145 PR/8:50 rep sc
    Britt 77.5 PR/9:29 band
    Josh 165 PR/8:26 rep sc
    Aileen 77.5 pR/5:46 sc
    Vin 165 PR/3:42 Rx (unbroken)
    Meghan 75 pR/5:52 box
    John 130 PR/6:33 box
    Ditty 95 PR/6:11 box
    Drew 135 PR/8:06 half box
    Lloyd 195 PR/8:25 Rx
    Courtney 77.5 PR/6:43 pdips
    Pavan 120 PR/6:42 band

    Congrats everyone!! You did great these past two days – right in time to do some mass gaining with some turkey!