Thank you to everyone who signed up on MindBody on Tuesday, it ended up being one of the busiest days in our history.  Maybe you’re trying to tell me something since today was my day off!!! In an area with many CrossFit gyms, we try to separate ourselves with quality coaching and a solid coach to athlete ratio, please help us achieve this by using our MindBody sign-up system.  Today we had over 70% of you not sign up for class.  We have the opportunity to have 2 coaches in most classes, and we won’t hesitate to schedule them if you guys just let us know you are coming to class!  Help us deliver the best CrossFit experience possible and SIGN-UP!!!

To those of you who signed up and always do, we sincerely thank you for your support.



Mind Body Sign-ups


AMSAP for forever (as many sign-ups as possible)

Sign-up on Mind body as many times as possible for forever!!

Today’s real WOD will be posted shortly….

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