For this workout, you will row 500m and immediately attempt to do as many pull ups as possible. (Similar to “Lynne” with bench and pull ups) Rest as needed between sets. If you need to scale pull ups, choose a scale where you get 10+ pull ups in your first set (but don’t use such an easy scale that you get 50!)

“Nicole’s on a Boat”
5 rounds:
row 500m
ME pull ups

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1 Response
  1. Coach KT

    Saturday rowers
    # pull ups per round:

    Marc Riz – 14/11/10/11/8 Rx
    Grant – 15/20/16/15/16 Rx
    O – 20/19/5/8/11 Rx
    Molly – best set = 7 Ring Rows
    Ramon – 2/6/7/4/6 green band
    Dinger – 4/7/8/8/10 green band
    Wax – 12/6/5/3/6 Rx

    good work!