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Don’t forget – tonight (Friday) we will be at the Great American Pub in Conshohocken celebrating the end of the nutrition challenge and taking the opportunity to socialize outside the gym. Folks will most likely be there from 5:30pm til late, assuming they go after classes.
For the workout today, we are ending the week with a retest of our fitness; you may remember this workout from before the nutrition challenge. If not, results are below.


1RM Deadlift


In 10 minutes:
40 burpees
then, in remaining time, AMRAP of:
10 air squats
10 sit ups
10 burpees

From 1/19/2015:

Lam 335# PR/5 Rx
Lisa 155#/1 + 17
Nate 335# PR/4 +22 Rx
Roni 175#/4 + 28 Rx
Tanya 140#PR/ 2+ 28 Rx
Ryan 335#/1 +17
Moogan 345#PR/3+5
Robin 225#PR/4+13
Jesse 345#PR/4+25
Grant 481#PR (Gym Record!)/6+10
Molly 185/4+10 sc
Trish 130#PR/3+17
Aileen 255#PR/5+24
Mike D 475 PR/5+21
WW 375 PR/4+6
Gabe 435 PR/5+22
Matt S 255 PR/3+20
Sizzle 255/5+3
KT 275/6+22
Kate 275/7+10
Eric 365 PR/3+18
Sam 7+13
Nick 265 PR/6+22
Matt 315 PR/4+25
John 385 PR/4+19
P 501.5 PR/7+23
Dinger 285 PR/4+2
Pavan 345 PR/4+10
Stacey 115 PR/2
Charm 65 PR/3
Greg 225 PR/3+12
Heather 245 PR/6+2
Shannon 195 PR/4+20
Courtney 205 PR/5
Meghan 205 PR/5+2
Johnny 375 PR/5+17
Russ 335 PR/3+12
Lloyd 420/5+16
Deery 485 PR/9 mod
Frank 344# / 4+3
Danielle 154# / 4+13
Dawn 242.5# PR / 3+3


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