Today we recognize Courtney as our Member of the Month! Courtney has been here since Dec. 2013 and hasn’t looked back. She joined not knowing the difference between a clean and a deadlift, but now can back squat 160#, benches 100# for two reps, and has climbed the rope! Her form has improved dramatically as well as her mobility. And while we joke about it, we appreciate her MAX EFFORT. Here are some words from Courtney:

Growing up I was always involved in sports but was never considered an athlete. I did the sports more for the social and fun aspect (shocking, I know!) As I got older I found my fitness routine of 45 mins on the elliptical wasn’t cutting it. After my first crossfit class I knew this was the fitness for me. The coaches instruction along with the support and encouragement of the community has pushed me to be the strongest I has been in my life. I have a new confidence that has carried over to all aspects of my life. Watching my classmates and friends get PRs is one of the most exciting things! I never thought I could climb a rope or bench over 100lbs or even do any sort of clean and jerk! And my goal of getting a strict pull up is closer than it’s ever been! No matter what kind of day I’ve had I leave Thermal with a smile on my face and in an amazing mood!

The workout today is in honor of Courtney’s MAX EFFORT that she brings to each class. Make teams of 4 and in a short 12 minutes, find a 9RM bench press for each member and add up that number – you will use it later. (9 is one of Courtney’s favorite numbers) After that, you will move into the second portion of the workout. You’ll do a 15 minute AMRAP of the following stations: row, OH lunges, sit ups, and back squats from the rack. Rotate after every 60 seconds, no built in rest. Every rep or calorie counts towards your total which you will add to the total poundage from the bench press totals.


“Max Effort”
In teams of 4: 9RM Bench Press in 12 minutes


AMRAP in 16 minutes, one minute at each station:
ME row (cal)
ME OH lunges, 45/25#
ME sit ups
ME back squat, 135/95# (rack)

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10 Responses
  1. Hannah

    Yay Courtney!! I’m so happy that you are the member of the month. My mommy said that she’s so happy your were the first member and that you make the gym such a fun place!! She also said she’ll always remember you, Lam and her squatting together!! We love you!!!

    1. Courtney

      Thanks so much thermal family!!! That was a great wod! And so glad I can share my wod week with thermals newest member Hannah!! Xoxox

  2. Aileen

    Matt C 185/250 rx
    Frank 155/243 rx
    Total: 833

    Mike S 105/200
    Megs 85/323 rx
    Total: 713

    Grant 185/301 rx
    Deeks 275/259 rx
    Total: 1042

    Chris K 125/209
    Matt S 125/209 rx
    Total: 668

    Robin 75/235 rx
    Courtney 85/228 rx
    Total: 623

    Russ 185/219 rx
    Dustin 215/271 rx
    Total: 890

  3. Vin

    Joe 130 / 261
    K 130 / 246
    Carter 155 / 207
    Mike D 225 / 255 Rx

    KT 105 / 338 Rx
    Tanya 55 / 201 sc
    Roni 95 / 304 sc
    Molly O 60 / 296 sc

    Nate 155 / 187 Rx
    Ryan 185 / did work
    Jesse 135 / 146 Rx
    Rachael 85 / 209 Rx
    Trish 55 / 177