Last call for Nutrition Challenge entries…

Please submit anything you have by Friday night so we can complete the judging.

Also we have a surprise visit tomorrow from Dave Reeman of “Move and Feel Better”.  Dave will be dropping by during the evening classes tomorrow night if anyone would like to stop by for body work / active release therapy.

Also, tonight at 7:30, we will host a 15.1 WOD release viewing party at the box, please stick around after the 6:30 class to see what is in store for us.  We’ll also have 3 Thermal athletes tackling the WOD right as it is announced!!!!

For today’s workout take 15 minutes to get 4 sets of 3 clean pulls in. Then, lower the weight to a manageable 135/95 (or something manageable for you – 65% or less of your max clean) We recommend you do power clean and power jerks for this, similar to “Grace.” As progressions for the muscle ups, do chest to bar pull ups, pull ups, or assisted strict pull ups. In addition, add in a dip component: either ring dips, parallette dips, box dips, or push ups.


Clean Pull

3, 3, 3,3

For time:
15 power clean and jerks, 135/95#
5 muscle ups
12 power clean and jerks
5 muscle ups
9 power clean and jerks
5 muscle ups


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