In the beginning of class, take some time to work on your HSPU progressions. Stinkbugs are a good start, but also get your feet up on a box to get inverted or try wall walks. Practice kicking up into a handstand and hold it as well.
Conditioning is a ladder of thrusters and burpees – the thruster reps decrease, but the weight increases. If you can get through the 50 burpees and still have time, do max effort thrusters at 205/135. If you need to scale, use the following weights in order (65/45; 75/55; 95/65; 105/75; 115/85)


Hand Stand Push-ups


AMRAP in 15 minutes:
30 thrusters, 95/65#
10 burpees
25 thrusters, 115/75#
20 burpees
20 thrusters, 135/95#
30 burpees
15 thrusters, 155/105#
40 burpees
10 thrusters, 175/115#
50 burpees
ME thrusters, 205/135#

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