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Today we end the month by celebrating Drew and the work he has put in over the past year at CrossFit Thermal, especially this past month. Hitting several PRs during the Open (7 unbroken muscle ups, multiple cleans at his previous 1RM (185#)) and his good-natured attitude earned him this recognition. In terms of significance of the numbers, Drew’s favorite numbers are 333 (total reps in workout) and 645 (number of reps for pull ups, push presses, and front squats) and 12 is the month he was born in. Here’s a little write up by Drew:

I have always lived by the phrase “If you always do what you’ve always done, then you’ll always get what you’ve always gotten.” Although for some reason I had never applied that to my fitness until I joined Thermal in April of 2014. Prior to Thermal, I worked out and got in ok shape, but it was the same routine over and over so I decided to give CrossFit a shot and haven’t looked back since. I was instantly reeled in once I saw the support and energy in a class and then Vin dropped a line on me that sealed the deal: “This level of fitness will make you harder to kill.” SOLD! Since I joined, I have reached a level of fitness that I thought was out of reach for me. I have hit lifetime PR after PR including my recent 205lb bench press, stringing 7 muscle-ups as well as hitting my clean PR in 15.4 three times! I even hit a bodyweight PR during the nutrition challenge that I thought would never happen. I’ve learned that anything is obtainable at Thermal and I know just how far I can truly push myself now. Another thing I did not anticipate was the friendships I would make along the way. The entire Thermal community is incredible and I wouldn’t be where I’m at today if it wasn’t for the motivation and support from everyone. I can’t imagine working out at any other box and I look forward to getting more efficient and continuing to get stronger alongside my friends at Thermal.



For time:
33 wall balls, 20/14#
then 12 rounds of:
6 pull ups
4 push presses, 95/65#
5 front squats, 95/65#
10 KB swings, 55/35#

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6 Responses
  1. Vin

    Topher 30:25 scale
    Dave 10 rounds 34:47 pukie
    Sam 24:40 Rx
    Heather 23:53 Rx
    Molly O 20:24 scale 45#
    Matt 20:44 MOD
    Matt C 26:54 JPU
    Dinger 29:08 JPU
    Aileen 19:43 JPU
    Meghan 24:02 JPU
    Pavan 33:43 Rx
    Drew 29:36 Rx
    Ali 24:32 JPU
    Joe J 19:50 MOD
    Mike L 31:35 Rx
    Shannon 25:21 Rx
    Gabe 30:21 Rx
    Sizzle 35:00 cap 9+10
    Rachael 25:33 JPU
    Britt 26:38 JPU
    O 9 rounds
    Sara 30:52 JPU scale
    Ron C 33:46 70/44#