Don”t forget Dave Reeman will be in the house tonight (Thursday) starting at 4:00pm, please sign up for 15 minutes of top notch body work / massage.  $20

Help support Thermal athletes Nick and Dave as they take on the Festivus Games at CrossFit South Philly on 4/18.  You can still sign up for this novice / intermediate competition.  If you’re not competing, please join Thermal in supporting these athletes by attending the event to spectate and cheer them on.


Strength is 3 sets of 5 front squats – increase the weight each time, but make sure that first set is moderately heavy.
Conditioning is probably the most classic CrossFit workout: Fran. This workout is designed to be done in sub-10 minutes, so choose your scales accordingly. Instead of banded pull ups, think about jumping pull ups for this one to allow for quick transitions. Ring rows are also an acceptable substitute for beginners (less than 3 months experience)


Front Squat
5, 5, 5


oh boy….

we can’t avoid it anymore…

Thrusters, 95/65#
Pull Ups

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2 Responses
  1. Coach P

    Heather 125/6:09 Rx
    Grant 225/3:46 Rx
    Megs 125/5:59 Rx
    Rizzo 225/4:06 Rx
    Vin 135/2:36 rx
    Matt C 175/6:19 jpu
    Drew 155/8:05 Rx
    Sam 115/4:08 Rx
    Stacey 105/6:46 45# jpu