Today’s strength and conditioning are done in teams of 3 athletes. First you’ll have 10 total minutes to find a 5RM front squat from the racks. Work quickly and get everyone through. Your first score is the total poundage of all 3 lifters.
After strength, there is time to setup your conditioning stations. Athlete A will run 200m and come in to relieve Athlete B who is doing wall balls. Athlete B relieves Athlete C who is doing toes to bar. Your score for conditioning is the total amount of wall balls and toes to bar added up together.

Teams will have 2 scores: one from strength and one from conditioning.


In teams of 3, establish a 5RM Front Squat


AMRAP in 12 minutes in same team of 3:
run 200m
wall balls, 20/14#
toes to bar

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1 Response
  1. Aileen

    Tanya/Becca 205/135 sc
    Grant/K/Carter 635/311 RX

    Danielle/Jesse/Moog 465/268 RX
    Sizzle/Gabe/Nate 630/308 RX
    Taylor/Trish/Dawn 315/257 sc

    PH/Brian/Westwood 565/358 sc
    Christian/Nick/Sara 380/271 sc

    Matt/Joe/Frank 665/313 RX
    Kate/Molly 260/228 sc
    Ron/Ali 405/207 sc

    Russ/Sam/Craig 465/338 sc
    Aileen/Kel/Erika 305/274 sc