This week at Thermal…

Look for us to continue our linear strength progression on the back squat.

This Wednesday 4/29 – at 6:30pm we will host our first endurance workout of the season.  This class will run in conjunction with an open strength class in the main gym also at 6:30pm.  Athletes arriving for the 6:30 class will have the option of choosing between these two offerings.  All other time slots will use the daily WOD as their workout.

Thursday 4/30 – Dave Reeman will be at Thermal for body work and rub downs $20 per person.  Team Thermal Kickball also plays at 7:00.  This will be a tough game as both squads are 2-0.

Coming Soon – In an effort to combat cherry picking (and just for fun) CrossFit Thermal will have BLACKOUT WEEK.  No announced WODs for 7 days straight, come in ready for anything.  You won’t know when this is coming.  WODs may also change from class time to class time to prevent workout descriptions from leaking to later classes.

For today, add weight to the last time you did back squats. You may need to make smaller increments, even a total of 2.5 or 5 pounds this time compared to last. We want to increase the weight to follow the linear progression that most of you should be able to follow. If you CAN’T complete the first set of squats, do 5 sets of 3 at an increased weight.

For the metcon, you’ll start with shuttle run and try to get as many complete shuttle runs as possible in 45 seconds. One complete shuttle run = 10 yards or 6 mats. Rest for 15 seconds and transition to do burpees. Do this couplet 5 times – your score is total reps.


Back Squat
3×5 add 2.5-10 lbs to your last back squat


Alternating :45 work, :15 rest for 5 rounds (10 minutes) for total reps:
shuttle run, 10 yds.


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