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4 Rounds for Time:
1 muscle up
8 push presses, 95/65#
9 pull ups
11 box jumps, 24/20″
24 double unders

The Member of the Month for April goes to Nick L! His hard work, integrity, and support of fellow athletes have earned him this recognition as Nick really embodies the spirit of CrossFit. As a law enforcement officer, Nick’s job is to be ready for the unknown and unknowable and luckily CrossFit has helped him do that. Read on for Nick’s personal story:

So, before CrossFit I played every sport growing up then I was a skateboarder/ snowboarder throughout high school. Benching, pull ups, sit-ups and push-ups was my routine. Then one day I introduced myself to this dude walking around Bridgeport with no shirt on and flexing named…Vinny! I told him I was interested in trying CrossFit and I took a class with him. He had me try a 500m row and 20 wall balls. I was destroyed at like 11 wall balls, couldn’t finish. After that Vinny told me he was going to be opening his own box and I went with him and haven’t looked back. I gotta say that from the time I started at Thermal till now I am in the best shape ever and have set lifetime PR’s on several workouts. Last year I barely finished the Open scaled! I’m pretty sure I couldn’t even do the one workout and I took a 0. This year I was determined to do better and I did hitting a PR on my clean during one Open workout and going Rx on all but one workout this year. In the last two month’s I have hit huge PR’s in my deadlift, clean, and squat which I couldn’t have done without everyone who either yells, cheers or makes me push myself for that extra rep or that first rep of a new movement. I love the community and family that Thermal is and continues to be. I need to thank Vinny for pushing me hard since day one and not letting me ease up ever, and Coach P you amaze me every time I see you lift, you are a genius at teaching CrossFit. To all the other coaches, and members, again thank you. I am honored to have been chosen as this month’s member. Good luck on my WOD!  (Significance of the numbers: 4- my bday , 8-baby Siennas bday, 9-Christina’s bday, 11- month I was born, 24-Marianna’s bday)


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Member of The Month July – Nick A

Congratulations to Nick, our July 2023 Member of the Month Don’t miss out on Nick’s custom workout next Tuesday 7/24/2023 Nick grew up very athletic.


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