CrossFit Thermal Welcomes Kate Connolly to the Team!!!

The winter of 2011, was the last time that I had something that Kate didn’t.   That something happened to be HBO!  New to the gym, and a major hockey fan, Kate made it clear that she wasn’t going to miss the Flyers / Rangers 24/7 series that was starting, even though she didn’t have HBO.  Once a week after the WOD, Kate would join Sarah and I as we glued ourselves to the TV for over an hour at a time.   It was during these winter nights of watching hockey and eating, uh…..Paleo, that we first really got to know Kate.

An obvious talent in the gym and on the ice, Kate took to CrossFit right away.  She was one of the strongest girls around, and quickly became religious about recording her workouts and never missing a day.  Through her struggles with muscle-ups and the dreaded double under, she always remained positive and was willing to stay after class to put in the extra work.  I quickly realized that we had very similar competitive spirits.

By the winter of 2012, a week didn’t go by that Kate didn’t ask me “have you found a place yet?” Kate knew that I wanted to open Thermal, and she kept on me like a good friend should.  She truly wanted to see this dream happen, and she made sure that I knew she was in my corner.  Once Thermal opened Kate was there every day. She was helping with setting up and cleaning the gym, welcoming new members and taking classes by herself, while we slowly built a membership base.  As classes got bigger and members started helping each other, it was obvious that Kate was one of the leaders of the 5:30 crew.  Leading by example and through a genuine interest in helping others achieve their goals, Kate was coaching, before she even became a coach.

Finally this Spring, Kate and CrossFit Thermal made it official.  Kate has successfully completed her L1 course through CrossFit, and is now shadowing to become a member of our coaching staff.  If you see Kate, please congratulate her on her L1 and her entrance into the CrossFit coaching world.  On behalf of Sarah, Hannah and I, and all the coaches here at Thermal, I would officially like to welcome Kate, “Traps Magee”, “Mic and Lola”, “my CFGF” to the team.  We’re happy to have you!!!



Back Squat


4 rounds for time:
run 200m
20 wall balls, 20/14#
30 double unders

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3 Responses
  1. Aileen

    5:30 Crew
    John 215 PR/15:06 RX
    Ron O 275 PR/15:00 14#
    Ron E 335/10:32 mod
    Brian 285/12:15 RX
    Vin 350/9:06 RX
    Kate 185/9:44 RX
    Molly O 115/12:05 RX

    Lam 285/11:03 RX
    Meg 145/16:04 RX
    Deery 405/13:01 mod
    Dinger 225/13:44
    Pavan 185/15:12 RX
    Craig 195/13:55 sc
    Kelli 145/15:21 sc
    Courtney 135/15:28 sc
    Sam work/10:19 RX
    Alex 315/13:55 RX