Competitor WOD tomorrow morning at 8:00am if anyone is interested!!!

If not……

For strength, you will do a clean + thruster. This may be a power clean, then a thruster, or a squat clean into thruster. You can simply think of this as a thruster from the ground. Take about 15 minutes to find the heaviest weight possible.

For conditioning, get in groups of 2 or 3 and row as much as you can in 12 minutes. You need to keep the order you row in and you must row 250m at a time. So athlete A rows until the screen reads 250m, then athlete B rows until the screen reads 500m, then athlete C (or B if only 2 people) rows until it reads 750m, etc. until 12 minutes is up.


1, 1, 1, 1, 1


In teams of 2 or 3:
Row AMMAP (as many meters as possible) in 12 minutes

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1 Response
  1. Aileen

    Dustin 180
    P 205
    Ron E 240
    3462 meters

    Matt C 175
    Wax 215
    Frank 165
    3456 meters

    Megs 110
    Kelli 90 PR
    Lisa S form
    2691 meters

    Ditty 100
    Lisa P 70 PR
    Becca 100 PR
    2613 meters

    Sara 100 PR
    Kate 145
    2777 meters

    Aileen 105
    Sam 95 form
    3176 meters

    Vin 235
    Smurf 225
    3199 meters