This workout will be done in teams of 4. All 4 will cash in with 150 burpees, two people working at a time. Then you will go in sequence of what is written (Athlete A and B will do Part 1 while C and D rest. Once A and B are finished, athletes C and D start Part 2. and so on) Once finished with 4 Parts, the cash out is 150 burpees, two people working at a time. If the deadlift bar is dropped, the rower must stop until the bar is picked back up and locked out. If the athlete on the pull-up bar drops, then the KB swings must stop until the chin is back over the bar. If there is an odd number of people, there may be a team of 2 and they will do all 4 parts, but with half the required reps. If there is a team of 3, they may decide how to break it up. 

In teams of 4: 

Cash in 150 burpees 

Then Two team members do the following: Athlete A rows 50 calories while Athlete B holds 225/155# deadlift 

 then Athlete C does 50 KB swings, 55/35# while Athlete D holds chin above pull-up bar 

then Athlete B rows 50 calories while Athlete A holds 225/155# deadlift 

then Athlete D does 50 KB swings, 55/35# while Athlete C holds chin above bar 

Cash out 150 burpees


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